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Syngenta Canada Inc. forms Seed and Crop Protection Business Units

Source: Pixabay

As of June 1, Syngenta Canada Inc. has created Seed and Crop Protection business units with Syngenta Canada Inc. remaining as one legal entity, operating as a Canadian team, the company says in a May 26 news release.

“As a customer-focused organization, we regularly review our operations to ensure we are positioned for growth and evolving to meet the needs of the customer and industry. With this in mind, we have decided to adjust our structure and create Seed and Crop Protection business units within Syngenta Canada Inc.,” Trevor Heck, president of Syngenta Canada, says in the release.

This will allow customer-facing staff to be specialists in either seed or crop protection and is an expansion of the business, the release notes.

“We are expanding our Seed Sales and Marketing teams to support this decision, which speaks to our unwavering commitment to deepen our customer relationship and offering. Our intention is to have a smooth transition for our customers as we close out the 2021 growing season while getting ready for the 2022 growing season,” Dan Wright, head of seeds for Syngenta Canada, says in the release.

Dan Wright, will continue as Head of Seeds for Canada, the release says.  The Canadian Crop Protection business will be led by Trevor Heck, who will also continue as President for Syngenta Canada and lead the Canadian Territory Leadership team.