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ProGro BIO Announces Microbial Crop Program

ProGro BIO announced the implementation of its 2023 crop program using Rhizol in 21 states over 175 plots across multiple crop targets according to a release. Rhizol is an all-natural, broad-spectrum soil inoculant product with a comprehensive mode of action proven to increase soil health and build health root systems with better resistance to soil-borne pathogens and parasitic nematodes. The product also increases crop yields, plant biomass and soil water retention.

“Rhizol’s powerhouse of all-natural bacterial and fungal components contains a rich formulation of 33 different microbial isolates discovered by the company’s chief scientist over decades of research and each was specifically isolated because of its high degree of microbial activity,” said Blake Young, ProGro chairman & CEO. “Rhizol microbes, when applied to the soil, begin breaking down organic matter which results in more fertile soil and provides powerful antibiotic and cross protection capabilities to plant roots against a host of soil-borne pathogens and plant parasitic nematodes.”

Rhizol is formulated with 33 different microbial isolates. The program will run from April through the fall of 2023. ProGro is having farmers and crop consultants take part in the initiative and apply Rhizol across a number of crops, including soybeans, corn, wheat, peanuts, cotton, tomatoes and potatoes.

“Our 2022 crop trials resulted in very impressive outcomes across numerous crops with respect to plant biomass increases, disease protection and yield increases and we are excited to see Rhizol’s efficacy on an even larger scale with our 2023 Crop Program,” said Barry Roberts, ProGro COO. “We are highly confident that ProGro’s fully soluble microbial formulation that was highly perfected in 2022 will be a game-changer in the world of microbial soil inoculants.”