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GMO Debate, Regulatory Hurdles Discussed at Syngenta Annual Meeting

At today’s annual general meeting of Syngenta AG, board chairman Michel Demaré referenced recent debates and regulatory hurdles that continue to make doing business a challenge for companies such as Syngenta.

“The future of our industry, and of our company, is still highly dependent on our license to operate in a world where we constantly face preconceived ideas and opposition about technology in agriculture,” Demaré says. “The polarized debate about pollinators and neonicotinoids in Europe, and the contentious issue of the labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients in the U.S., were just two issues which gained significant coverage in the past year. Syngenta continued to be active in this debate.”

All of the 934 shareholders, representing 54 percent of the total shares, approved all the motions proposed by the board of directors. The shareholders approved motions including a gross dividend of Swiss Franc (CHF) 11 per share or US $11.52 per share, which represents an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year.
All members of the board were re-elected for a one-year term, as was Demaré.
The shareholders also approved the maximum total compensation of the board (for the period from the 2015 to the 2016 annual general meeting) and of the executive committee (for the 2015 business year), which were put to a vote for the first time.
Demaré’s speech, the presentation of the CEO and other information from the meeting is available at