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Enza Zaden Voted Family Business of the Year

Enza Zaden was voted family business of the year this week by the Stichting Familie Onderneming (Family Business Foundation) of Denmark.
“Enza Zaden is one of the major world players in the sector,” the foundation said. ” The family not only runs the business, but is also closely involved in product development.”

The award ceremony took place in The Hague. Managing director Jaap Mazereeuw and his father Piet Mazereeuw – member of the board of commissioners – accepted the award on behalf of the company.
“Almost 70 percent of all the companies in the Netherlands are family businesses. This means about 260,000 companies. For our entire organization it’s therefore a huge honour to be voted family business of the year by this competent jury,” said Jaap Mazereeuw.
Enza Zaden is an international vegetable seed breeding company which is proud of the emphasis placed on its quality in breeding, production and sales.