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UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center Offers Course in Seed Production

The University of California, Davis Seed Biotechnology Center offers a new course on seed production.
It focuses on the biological, genetic, agronomic and technological processes and practices involved in the production and processing of agricultural seeds and how they influence seed quality. The intent of seed production programs is to obtain the highest possible yield, consistent with simultaneously maintaining the highest possible quality. In order to achieve these dual objectives, it is important to understand the genetic and biological basis of seed production of modern cultivars and how seed quality is affected by the management practices utilized.
The program will also cover the postharvest conditioning processes and seed technology treatments that can enhance seed quality. The course is targeted to professionals in the seed industry who wish to learn the latest practices and developments in these topics. The course is taught by experts from both academia and the seed industry and will focus primarily on horticultural crops as well as selected agronomic crops (sunflower, alfalfa, canola).
The content will be delivered through lectures, case studies and group discussions. This class will be held Feb. 2-5, 2016 at UC Davis. Registration and course details are at
For details contact Rebeca Madrigal at