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CS Camden Oat Receives Milling Approval

Canterra Seeds announces its CS Camden oat has been added to the list of recommended varieties by Grain Millers of Yorkton, Sask._x000D_
Grain Millers has completed the test-run of CS Camden oat, and are very satisfied with the milling performance. The mill yield from the sample was slightly higher than their average yields this year, and the variety was easier to dehull, making it smoother to work with in their system. Terry Tyson, Grain Procurement Manager for Grain Millers spoke positively about the milling results of CS Camden. “We’ve heard from growers how happy they are with the agronomics of the variety, and are eager to recommend it for milling in our operation,” he said._x000D_
CS Camden oat was bred by Lantmannen SW Seed, and was tested by Canterra Seeds within their internal research program. It was registered in Canada in January of 2014. The oat variety is agronomically superior, with a shorter stature and better lodging resistance. CS Camden also boasts very high yields at an average of 114% of CDC Dancer (2016 SaskSeed Guide), and 153 bu/ac (Seed Manitoba – 2016)._x000D_
Sales of CS Camden are expected to increase greatly this spring, now that milling quality has been confirmed by one of North America’s largest millers. “It’s great to see a high-class new oat variety come along. We’re excited to see genetics moving forward,” said Tyson.