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Will Seed be Disrupted? Register for our Next Retail Roundtable Webinar

Should we be concerned about the seed industry being turned on its head by technologies that have shaken up other industries like the taxi, hotel and media sectors?

You may have heard about how new business models are turning conventional business wisdom on its head. How the biggest “taxi service”, Uber, doesn’t own a taxi cab. And the biggest content platform, Facebook, creates no content of its own. Oh, and the biggest “hotel provider”, Airbnb, doesn’t own a single hotel.

Could the same approach one day apply to seed? What if one day the country’s biggest seed company no longer produces seed, but instead controls the interface between buyers and sellers of seed?

And perhaps most crucial of all, how do we protect intellectual property in such an environment?

Our next Retail Roundtable webinar explores this topic by asking the question “How do we Protect Seed in an Age of Technological Disruption?” Speakers will include Erin Armstrong of Canterra Seeds and Lorne Hadley of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency.

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