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Finding Calm in Rough Water: Navigating the World of Global Trade – Germination Retail Roundtable Webinar & Podcast

It can often seem like the international trade scene is one of constant disruption. The best weapon in your arsenal is knowledge. In this webinar, four speakers with experience in international trade and regulatory matters will give you some valuable information and lessons learned during their own careers on how to survive and thrive in a sometimes unpredictable global marketplace.

During this webinar you will receive:
-A high-level snapshot of the international trade climate, especially with regard to agriculture
-Lessons in how to prepare for and mitigate the effects of trade disruptions
-Tips on the best sources of regulatory information for seed growers
-An update on the canola situation in regard to China and some lessons learned along the way.

Meet Our Webinar Speakers:
Maryscott “Scotty” Greenwood
Principal, Dentons,
CEO, Canadian-American Business Council

Michelle Klieger
Stratagerm Consulting

Michael Scheffel
Managing Director, Policy and Standards,
Canadian Seed Growers’ Association

Brian Innes
Vice President, Public Affairs,
Canola Council of Canada

Sponsored by SeCan, 20/20 Seed Labs & CANTERRA SEEDS