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Chet Boruff Receives the ASTA Distinguished Service Award

During the first session of the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) Policy and Leadership Development Conference (PLDC), John Latham, chair of ASTA, announced that Chet Boruff received the 2021 ASTA Distinguished Service Award.

“Chet has been a tireless advocate for the seed industry,” says Latham.

Boruff has had a long career — not only has he served with the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA), but his early career had him serving as deputy director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture for seven years.

Boruff began his career at AOSCA in 2004 as CEO. Since then, he has been responsible for serving as its spokesman, representing seed certifying agencies across the U.S. and seven other counties. He’s been providing assistance to AOSCA members to administer AOSCA seed certifying standards and develop services related to seed and the agriculture industry.

Throughout his career, Boruff has also operated his family’s cash grain farm in Rock Island County, Ill.

“Thank you so much for the recognition. This award means the world to me,” Boruff says. “I was totally surprised and honored — ASTA pulled one over on me that I didn’t see coming.

“Over the years, I’ve taken for granted the performance and consistency of seed that I buy, but I know that’s no accident,” he says. “That comes from the hard work of the seed industry. The seed industry does their best to do it right.

“It’s been my great honor to work with all of you through AOSCA, and it’s a hallmark of my career to accept this award.”