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Find Out Why We Awarded These 3 Cutting-Edge Seed Technologies

This week on Seed Speaks we took a closer look at the latest seed technology products. The products were all chosen as one of Seed World’s 10 Most Innovative Products for 2022.

We spoke with representatives from Meridian LifeSciences, AgVoice Global, and Amphasys, about their products. Each product is unique and helps reduce time spent on tasks for those in the agriculture and seed industries.

Air-Dryable Direct DNA qPCR from Meridian LifeSciences is an inhibitor-tolerant mix designed for direct DNA quantitation from crude plant lysate. It allows highly sensitive qPCR directly on these plant lysates without nucleic acid purification. Not only that, but assays can be dried down and stored at room temperature without affecting the assay’s performance.

AgVoice from AgVoice Global is the world’s first service which enables precision breeding capabilities just by “speaking your reports” in any field or environment. It acts as a voice-to-data capture and an analytic service to help food and agriculture specialists capture actionable insights on the go.

Amphasys’ Ampha P20 Pollen Analyzer is a fast, easy-to-use, and portable technology which makes pollen analysis more efficient. It allows customers to easily measure pollen viability directly in the field, which is important for crops with a short pollen lifetime such as wheat, corn, and rice.

Learn more about these innovative products on this week’s episode of Seed Speaks.

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