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CSGA Learn: Accreditations

CSGA manages national designations for Accredited Plot Growers and Recognized Plant Breeders.

But seed growers have asked CSGA for tools to help them demonstrate their expertise and commitment to Certified seed and market themselves as leaders in the seed sector. Now, through CSGA Learn and their seed crop production experience, experienced seed growers can earn the “Accredited Seed Grower” (ASG) designation. The ASG designation signals a deep understanding and commitment to national quality standards for seed production and stewardship of the Certified seed brand.

To help you market your seed production knowledge and experience, digital badges will be awarded to anyone with CSGA accreditations, including current CSGA designates, Accredited Plot Growers and Recognized Plant Breeders. A digital badge is an online credential demonstrating an earned accomplishment or skill. Display your badges on any social media channel, email signature, or website to distinguish yourself as one of the best in your field.