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Validate Your Expertise to the World with CSGA’s Digital Badges

Ongoing development and competencies are essential to success in today’s seed sector. To help ensure everyone is working together consistently across the country to support a next-generation seed sector, CSGA’s professional designations are awarded to those who have achieved a particular standard of merit and experience.

Accredited Plot Growers, Recognized Plant Breeders, Recognized Associate Plant Breeders and new Accredited Seed Growers have all set a standard of excellence in pedigreed seed production. It’s a mark of distinction that sets you apart, especially in today’s fiercely competitive seed market. And it’s something of which to be very proud.

We’re now offering a way to help you set yourself apart in the seed sector and market your seed production knowledge and experience. CSGA digital badges are being issued to those with CSGA designations.

CSGA digital badges are fully shareable and verifiable online

In an era where almost anyone can claim expertise online, our digital badges stand as an official and legitimate way to verify your achievements and expertise, adding a layer of credibility to your profile. Your colleagues, customers, and employers can easily verify your CSGA designation, accomplishments, and skills with a single click.

There are several ways to share your digital badge online; you can add it to your email signature and website, post it on Twitter and announce it on LinkedIn. By doing so, you exponentially increase the promotion of your understanding of production standards, regulations, best management practices, and effective quality management systems.

Enroll today!

We encourage everyone in the seed sector to invest in their professional development by enrolling in CSGA Learn courses and programs. Our online learning materials help to equip the next generation of seed professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive the sector forward. It can also reduce your time to CSGA accreditation!

Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of seed growers, plant breeders, and all those who contribute to the seed sector’s success. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of a brighter, more reliable future for Canada’s seed sector.