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Barenbrug Expands Denmark Team

Barenbrug has appointed Forage Grass Specialist Carsten Holmgaard as Product Manager Forage in Denmark. Holmgaard will be responsible for the development of relationships with farmers, consultants and distributors in Denmark. By the fulfillment of this new position, Barenbrug takes an important step in the expansion of its services to the Danish market.

Holmgaard has over 20 years of experience in the Danish forage grass market. He has been educated as an agricultural technician and fulfilled several sales positions in the agricultural sector. The previous 10 years, he has been working for seed distributor Linds AS. Holmgaard is very determined to spread his solid forage grass knowledge in Denmark.

“I believe that high-quality seed mixtures and knowledge of the application of this mixtures on the farm is very important for the modern farmer. Within my job, I strive to add value to the farm by providing the farmer with relevant products and knowledge”, Holmgaard says.