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Skills of the Operator are Key

Frank Laubert’s advice is in high demand.

Treating seeds is becoming increasingly sophisticated as the recipes become more complex. The expertise of Bayer managers like Frank Laubert is in high demand.

“We do not have ready solutions. We service a multistep process: we are product counselors, coaches and troubleshooters,” says Laubert, Head of the Bayer SeedGrowth Service Center in Monheim, Germany.

Treating seeds has become more complex, thus, his advice is highly sought-after. “The customers want to apply more products to the seed,” explains the expert. “This is a huge challenge as the surface area of the seed is limited.” The clients rely on his product recommendations to make sure that the treated seeds perform well in the field and run smoothly through the machine.

Another important aspect of Laubert’s role is training. “There is no standard manual on how you set the machine correctly. Let’s say treater A is located in Greece, treater B in Brazil. Even if the parameters are the same, the settings will be different due to the different climatic and seed conditions.”

Therefore, the skills of the operator are key: “If you do not put the correct information in, you will not get a high-quality product out,” says Laubert.

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