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“Best know-how available”

Bayer SeedGrowth expert Norbert de Baey

One of Germany’s most up-to-date seed treatment facilities is located in the northern Harz foothills. Bayer SeedGrowthTM has provided advice and support since the very beginning.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the risk of varieties being mixed due to an operating error at Rüdiger Klamroth’s treatment facility is virtually nil. “The last thing we need here is dust, it has to be absolutely dust-free,” Klamroth explains. Two aspirators separate the white, untreated dust from the red, treated dust. “You can run your hand through the white dust and see that there is nothing red in it.” Bayer SeedGrowth Service Managers are one of the reasons why this is the case. “The customers don’t just want to be given a brochure. They want the best know-how that is available,” explains Bayer SeedGrowth expert Norbert de Baey.

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