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INCOTEC Launches Three New Solutions for Corn Seed

Incotec launched three new film coats for corn at the World Seed Congress 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. According to the company, these three products, each one developed to meet the needs of customers and conditions in a specific region, deal effectively with the major corn issues: abrasion, dust-off, flow through equipment and plantability.

Since 1968 Incotec provides innovative technologies and products that boost the yield of seeds. With the recent acquisition by Croda, a specialty chemical manufacturer, an even broader and more innovative product range has become available to customers. An increased effort to develop solutions for the field crops market, has led to several new products including these three new film coats for corn.

These new additions to the Incotec Disco film coat product range are the Disco Ag Red L-450 available in Europe and Brazil, the Disco Ag Clear L-650 developed for the USA and Disco Ag Blue L-950 for China.

Disco Ag Red L-450 outperforms available products on several criteria. It tackles abrasion issues effectively giving superior coverage even after exhaustive abrasion and it demonstrates outstanding dust control.

Disco Ag Clear L-650 is a quick-drying transparent film coat with excellent flowability. It delivers increased efficiency by speeding up both processing and planting.

Disco Ag Blue L-950 has an attractive blue colour and it provides outstanding abrasion resistance, dust control, flowability and plantability.

“These three new products are the result of Incotec’s recent focus on solutions for corn, one of the world’s most important crops,” said Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Incotec’s global commercial manager field crops. “Each of them have their own specific qualities, but they all perform excellently on the major criteria delivering efficiency during processing, safety in handling, speed and precision in sowing, besides optimal final results on field, when used according recommendation.”