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Dutch Passion Develops Cannabis That Is Legal To Grow

Dutch Passion, the famous seed company from the Netherlands, is pioneering yet again with the introducing of seeds with high levels of cannabigerol (CBG) and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBG is believed to have similar qualities as cannabidiol (CBD) and this new innovation offers a great opportunity for growers. The certainty that the THC-level is below the legal level of 0,2% makes cultivating these seeds allowed without a permit in many countries. The return on investment on CBG-seeds is high and therefore an interesting option for farmers and horticulturalists. Also, the ability to grow CBG-rich cannabis legally will make the supply chain process for CBG-products easier, further increasing demand.

Ground-breaking Seeds

Cannabis is booming business. The latest trend is the application of cannabinoids – with CBD as the most well-known – in all kinds of products like oils, teas and creams. With their extreme low levels of THC, Dutch Passion’s CBG-seeds are ground-breaking. These new varieties – one Feminized and one Autoflower – can be grown and bought legally in many countries, offering horticulturists and farmers the opportunity to legally cultivate cannabis and access this growing and lucrative market. The CBG-seeds are the result of many years of breeding and selection through numerous generations of plants. A typical Dutch Passion-invention, as the company has made it its mission to develop new seed varieties with high levels of one specific cannabinoid, in this case CBG.

More Cannabinoids

Eric Siereveld, CEO of Dutch Passion: “Up to 2010 cannabis was all about high levels of THC, until in 2012 we encountered our first variety with high levels of CBD. What a thrill! We were determined to discover more cannabinoids and now know there are over a hundred different chemical compounds in cannabis. Our dream is to offer a wide range of seeds that have high levels of one cannabinoid, like CBG in this case. We believe that every cannabinoid should be made available to farmers, researchers, home growers, consumers and organizations alike. That way, applications can be made with every little thing this versatile plant has to offer. Whether it is for recreational, medicinal or nutritional purposes. We want people to experience cannabis in all its different varieties and use it to their benefit!”