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MiiMOSA and the European Investment Fund Sign a New Partnership to Support Agricultural Transition

Founded in 2015 by Florian Breton, MiiMOSA is a financing platform dedicated to the transition of the agricultural and food sector towards sustainable business models. The company has supported 5,000 projects in seven years with €70,000,000 of funding (achieving a 10-fold increase in three years), a world record for a sector-based platform.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) has signed a €20 million commitment (up to 40% of fund total commitments) into MiiMOSA transition #1 fund, MiiMOSA’s first investment fund established in 2021 and dedicated to agricultural transition.

The MiiMOSA Transition #1 fund’s ambition is to accelerate the transition of mainly French SMEs active in the agriculture and the food sector towards sustainable business models; addressing the main challenges of the 21st century: climate, biodiversity, and food sustainability. For example, MiiMOSA transition #1 fund has invested in agricultural projects such as Le Domaine de Blanville, a vineyard based in Languedoc that wants to convert hectares to organic farming and SCEA Valy, a tomatoes farm based in Brittany in order to acquire a cogeneration unit to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

With the new subscription by the EIF, MiiMOSA Transition #1 fund reaches total available commitments of €30 million, against a funding target of €50 to €60 million.