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Seed World Group Adds the Voice of Latin America

Latin America is a giant territory with significant importance in the global seed landscape, and Seed World LATAM was created to give it a voice, share its knowledge, help build worldwide networks, and gather insights about our region’s specific concerns.

Considering Latin America’s strong alliances with North America and Europe within the seed value chain, Seed World Group’s decision to venture into the Latin American market and engage its audience is a logical progression in its evolution. Simultaneously, consolidating all of our seed publications (Seed World U.S.Seed World CanadaSeed World Europe, and Seed World LATAM) under the unified banner of marks a significant milestone in reshaping how we offer seed industry information to our readers and partners.

Seed World LATAM is more than a magazine. It symbolizes a collective desire to address the specific needs of the Latin American seed sector, which is full of potential and opportunities. It’s a platform that encourages everyone to participate in discussions and provide information that resonates with our audience. It’s where the people who belong to the sector can share knowledge, collaborate, influence policies, and promote sustainability.

Seed World Group understands the importance of effective communication in the seed industry, where communication across different languages and cultures is crucial. To bridge the gap between the different audiences within the “seed world,” the Latin American issue will provide its contents in English and Spanish. This will ensure that Seed World LATAM’s message resonates fluently with audiences on both sides of the linguistic spectrum, fostering mutual understanding.

The seed industry operates on a global scale, and therefore, the developments in one region shape, influence, and inform every other region. Bringing our brands together gives us a greater platform to highlight cohesive global perspectives. The Seed World editors from different regions collaborate with one another, making it possible to illustrate how events in one area can impact and resonate with others.

Seed World LATAM heralds a new era of connection, innovation, and progress within the Latin American seed sector. I extend an open invitation to all stakeholders — seed companies, researchers, policymakers, and educators — to join us on this transformative journey. Your insights, contributions, and ideas are invaluable in shaping the seed industry’s trajectory and driving positive change within our communities.

Together, let’s embark on this exciting journey of exploration, discovery, and collaboration in the world of seeds.

Warm regards,
Elena Mansur
Associate Editor, Seed World LATAM