Seed World International

In this issue, we celebrate 100 years of the International Seed Federation (ISF). We highlight their milestones in the last century, and we talk with Jaap Mazereeuw, CEO of Enza Zaden and chairman of the Congress’ National Organizing Committee (NOC) about growing up in the seed sector.
We highlight emerging plant diseases and strategies for their mitigation, look at eight next-gen leaders coming out of Canada, and dive into how digital agriculture is helping mitigate the effects of extreme weather.

Seed World Europe – Issue 2 – 2024

At Seed World Europe we are very passionate about placing the EU plant breeding and seed sector in the spotlight. And an ever-growing part of the success comes from women. In the latest episode of ’20 Most’ we are recognizing and celebrating the women who are having an impact on our beloved sector. So we are proud to announce that we have put the spotlight on 20 inspiring and influential women who are actively making a difference in Europe’s seed sector.

Seed World Europe – Issue 1

Emerging plant diseases have garnered significant attention at the international level, prompting regulatory actions in various countries. Unfortunately, national and regional regulations often lack alignment, resulting in trade disruptions. These emerging diseases are persistent threats to the food and cash crops that are often critical for global food security and can be particularly devastating in limited-resource countries, where they exacerbate ongoing challenges in crop production. There are several effective strategies to pre-empt or slow the emergence of new plant disease issues and their related international trade disruptions. Most importantly, these strategies start with international alignment at every level of the seed value chain.

Seed World LATAM – Issue 2 – 2023 – SPA

En esta edición, examinamos los resultados de los recientes talleres celebrados en Perú, donde las organizaciones nacionales de semillas y las empresas privadas asociadas a la SAA se reunieron para debatir y colaborar; destacamos cómo Uruguay tiene una sólida posición en el escenario mundial de las semillas; y echamos un vistazo a Chile, el principal exportador de semillas de todo el Hemisferio Sur.

Seed World LATAM – Issue 2 – 2023

In this edition, we examined the outcomes of the recent workshops held in Peru, where national seed organizations and private companies affiliated with the SAA gathered to discuss and collaborate, featured how Uruguay has a strong position on the global seed stage, and we look at Chile, the leading seed exporter in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

Seed World U.S. – December 2023

In this issue we look at the future of corn in the Corn Belt, plant breeding for climate change, look at how UV light treatment shines a bright future for row crop seeds, and we sit down with Niklas Åström, CEO of Arevo, a Swedish-based company that offers an all-new avenue in crop nutrition.

Seed World Europe – Issue 3 – 2023

The long-awaited draft regulation for new genomic techniques (NGTs) is out. Almost five years after we thought the European Court of Justice carried EU plant breeding innovation to the grave, the EU Commission published its proposal for this regulation. We now have at least an idea of where we’re heading on this contentious topic. However, there is a huge risk that this (again) becomes politicised. NGO’s will likely make the regulatory process so incredibly complex and expensive that only those with the deepest pockets will be able to afford to create new and better varieties with gene-editing. Isn’t it better to have a wide variety of organizations that can help mitigate climate change and population increase by creating better and climate-proof varieties? Let’s make sure they can, and let’s not block this opportunity. We need all the help we can get.

Seed World Europe – Issue 2 – 2023

Ten years ago, we started with a new magazine for the European seed sector, and we didn’t know if it was going to work. Now, a decade later, we can safely say that it clearly serves a purpose, fills a gap, and has earned its place. In the 34 printed issues that have come out so far, we have filled close to 1,750 pages of content, informing a broad range of readers. And from the website analytics we know that our articles are read, not just in Europe, but all over the globe. Also in this issue, our annual ’20 Most’ list, this year with the ‘20 Most Inspiring Gen Z employees in the EU seed sector in 2022’. Check out the issue and find out what makes this generation tick, and how they think about plant breeding and the seed sector.