Seed World Canada – July 2022

This edition features the president of Seeds Canada on our cover — Ellen Sparry. She has worked to help lead the new organization to prominence here at home and on the world seed stage. We talk to her about the past 18 months of successes and challenges that lie ahead. We also unveil our Top 10 Innovative Products listing for 2022, in a highly anticipated new feature. Also, we explore the craft beer boom and how barley is being bred to help fuel it.

Seed World U.S. – June 2022

In this issue, we took a hard look at the situation in Ukraine — specifically on supply chain issues and how the seed industry in Ukraine is fairing during an invasion.

Seed World Canada – January 2022

This edition takes a look at China — its seed industry, and how Canada’s trade relationship with Beijing is, well, complicated, to say the least. We also look at why Seeds Canada has initiated an industry-wide stakeholder summit on the future of seed in Canada; we examine the GMO image problem and why it exists; and we ask NRGene why they decided to bring their innovative genomics technologies to Canada. Oh, and we bring you the latest on soybean cyst nematode research.

Seed World Canada – November 2021

This edition includes our Fields of the Future Feature. We profile innovative people doing innovative things in cutting-edge research areas, from camelina breeding to peering inside seeds using a light brighter than the sun. We also look at lab safety in the age of COVID, and why vaccines might be a boost to the biotech discussion. Also, don’t miss our Retail Roundtable feature on reducing time-to-market!