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Chantland Seed Box Handling System Built for Versatility

Chantland MHS’ Seed Box Handling System is designed to automatically de-nest seed boxes for filling, and then re-nest them for storage during the off-season. In addition to handling these large boxes we can also automatically ‘pop’ the lids off the boxes for easier handling by employees.
This system can be easily integrated into new and existing box filling and washing lines to increase productivity while reducing worker fatigue and risk of injury. It features easy-to-understand touch screen operator interface, the same robust main frame and mast/lift assembly as used on our conventional palletizers handling loads of several thousand pounds, and hydraulic powered clamping and rotating arms. Proper box presentation is achieved using position sensors and our box squaring assembly mounted to a powered roller conveyor.
The design utilizes components based upon their reliability and performance as proven upon our other equipment operating for years in environments far more hostile than those found in seed facilities assuring owners of long-term performance and ease of maintenance.
As part of our firm quoted price every system Chantland MHS designs and builds is fully assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment. Our customers are invited to witness their system test first-hand where Chantland project managers and service technicians will personally introduce you to the system components and controls.
When this test is complete you will know with unequalled confidence that your system will perform as desired when delivered.
Fast installation and start-up with no surprises or hidden costs is what customers worldwide have come to expect from Chantland…and that’s what you can expect as well!
Watch the factory test on YouTube