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Packaging Solutions: Labeling your Treated Seeds

CCL Label is the major print and label supplier for the seed and crop protection industry. We consider ourselves problem solvers, and have the ability to partner with our customers to create innovative solutions with functional labels and tags for various types of seed packaging.

The latest in labels and tags

A common product used in the seed market is the Booklet Label (Expanded Content Label). This label has the familiar “book style” layout, which is easy to read, navigate and reseal. This label, ideal for both regulatory and multilingual information, can hold as many pages as needed. We can also provide this booklet as a completely sealed label. This encapsulated product fully encases the booklet in a durable, clear pouch, providing premium protection against weather and harsh conditions.


The advantage of a Booklet Label is that it houses all needed information in one label, allowing the customer to use the same bag, pouch or can for multiple items. This reduces inventory and packaging costs.

Another advantage of this type of label is ‘late stage customization’ where a customer has pre-decorated packages, which need to be re-purposed with other information. The Booklet Label is applied on top of the existing print or label, allowing for significant cost savings.

CCL Label also supplies durable, printable seed bag tags, ready to be sewn to your product bag. These tags serve as carriers for regulatory information, custom seed variety and treatment information, lot codes/dates and GHS compliance. If more space for this information is needed, a two-ply tag is available.

The Multi-Ply Label can be used as a pressure-sensitive label consisting of up to five printed waterproof surfaces, and is typically used when less information is required and a slim label design is desired.


Label and Tag solutions for the seed industry:

  • Printable Booklet Labels (Expanded Content Labels)
  • Printable single and multi-ply tags
  • Two or Three-ply resealable labels
  • Vinyl labels and drum decals
  • GHS product sheets/labels
  • Durable signage labels
  • Bag valve labels… and more!

Tailor made solutions

CCL will design packaging especially for your product. All design elements are customizable, including size, shape, page count, materials, and special functionality. Some customers opt to use the same label for multiple products. In such cases, we design the booklet label so that the label cover may be thermal printed on-site with variable information.

Protecting against counterfeit

Current day seed labels serve as carriers for regulatory information, custom seed variety and seed treatment information, lot codes/dates and GHS compliance. CCL is the global leader in providing labels that comply and accurately communicate regulatory standards. The ever-changing regulatory requirements in the seed market drive the need for expanded content in labels. And adding multilingual content to the label allows you to reach a global audience. We also understand the high value of the intellectual property, and therefore have developed tailor made anti-counterfeiting devices that will help you spot infringers who try to hitchhike on your success. Such anti-counterfeiting solutions are sometimes visible, but mostly invisible to the naked eye. We know it is absolutely critical that all regulatory seed and treatment information is secure and reliable, which protects seed companies, farmers and consumers.

Problem solvers

We consider ourselves problem solvers, partnering with our customers to provide solutions for various types of seed packaging. Booklet labels can be automatically applied, using existing label application equipment.

Take advantage of CCL’s global footprint and 30+ years of expertise in the agriculture industry. Contact CCL for a FREE consultation on your seed packaging.