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Status Netherlands: Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij to Merge

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During the first part of September, Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij, two Dutch companies that have been active flower plant breeders and propagators for more than 40 years, announced their plan to merge.

However, ownership essentially remains the same because both companies are members of the Royal Hilverda group.

“In the past, they always worked as two separate entities because of product lines and politics, but with the changing economics, both HilverdaKooij and Florist realized they could benefit from a collaboration,” said Felicia Vandervelde, Florist Holland BV North American sales support. “By working together, we hope to offer growers a better mix of genetics via a trusted supply chain.”

The companies look to fulfill their combined ambitions for growth and innovation, by pooling their knowledge and resources. The join focus is primarily on investing in automation, and innovative cultivation and breeding techniques.

“In the start-up period, we regularly discussed our joint ambitions and the drive for innovation with each other,” says Jan Hilverda, managing director of HilverdaKooij. “It soon become clear that our goals were the same. With all the possibilities we create by combining our companies, this is the only logical step for the future.”

Florist Holland has long been known as the gerbera specialist in breeding and propagation of cut flowers and potted plants, with its Garvinea and other series. HilverdaKooij focuses on the selection, breeding and propagation of Dianthus, Limonium and Alstroemeria varieties. Both companies supply plants to customers around the world.

Source: Greenhouse Grower.