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Peterson Farms Seed Announces Scott Sanders as General Manager

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Peterson Farms Seed, headquartered near Prosper, North Dakota, announces that Scott Sanders has recently been named general manager.

The role of general manager is new for the company with leadership in the roles of president and vice president continuing with Carl Peterson and Julie Peterson respectively.

Sanders, formerly director of Business Development at Peterson Farms Seed, assumed the new role of general manager at the beginning of January. In this role Sanders is responsible for oversight of day-to-day operations of the business, executing on the long-term vision.

“We are looking to the future and laying a foundation for solid business strategy and growth,” says Carl Peterson. “The General Manager position represents a big step for us and is a role that I am certain Scott is prepared to step into.”

Sanders, a North Dakota native, earned an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of St. Thomas and a master’s degree from the University of Virginia. He resides in Fargo, North Dakota.