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The Next Generation of Brevant Brand Enlist E3 Soybeans

The 2022 lineup of Brevant brand Enlist E3 soybeans offers new genetics from Corteva Agriscience, proven performance and improved agronomics.

This year, Corteva Agriscience is launching the next generation of Enlist E3 soybean varieties, with Brevant seeds bringing them to market through ag retail. These soybeans feature the Enlist E3 trait with Corteva Agriscience germplasm and promise to help boost agronomic performance for farmers while providing retailers with a new and differentiated product.

“The technology of Enlist E3 soybeans results from years of research and development. Our soybean varieties are intentionally designed to offer farmers and retailers a high-performance choice,” said Travis Belt, Portfolio and Technology leader for the Brevant seeds brand. “Our 2022 lineup is built with improved agronomics, which also includes an enhanced disease control package.”

The Enlist weed control system is America’s fastest growing soybean trait herbicide system, allowing farmers more choices, more maturities, and unique genetics.

“We’ve already made a huge year-over-year shift to Enlist E3 soybeans and the Enlist system is going to be huge next year in my area,” said Jesse Evans, sales agronomist with Farmers Coop Society in Boyden, Iowa. “Our Brevant brand Enlist E3 soybeans are outyielding everything else.”

This next generation of Brevant brand Enlist E3 soybeans is the latest example of how Brevant seeds is bringing new products to retailers and their customers. That gives farmers the freedom to choose unique genetics, performance that’s proven and improved agronomics without compromise.