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Meristem Announces Two New Delivery Systems for Biologicals

On Sept. 8, Meristem announced the commercial launch of two new biological delivery systems — BIO-CAPSULE and MICROBILIZE. The technologies are designed to “work seamlessly with farming operations to dramatically increase the performance of a broad range of biologicals,” according to a release from Meristem.

The BIO-CAPSULE Planter Box Delivery system is designed to carry, protect and dispense biologicals into a seed lubricant blend with micronutrients, slated for launch in the 2023 crop year.

“REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE Corn, now powered by BIO-CAPSULE, is truly a game changer because the new technology allows for so many proven ingredients to work together effectively as a single product,” said Joe Gednalske, Meristem Product Development lead in a release.

Gednalske notes that one BIO-CAPSULE will be charged with Terrasym, a biostimulant developed by NewLeaf Symbiotics, to help plants increase nutrient uptake and develop a bigger root system. Another BIO-CAPSULE will be charged with a microbial team to fix nitrogen and solubilize nutrients.

“The BIO-CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY enables these microbes to stay separated from talc and zinc to keep their full strength all the way to when they are deployed at planting,” explains Gednalske. “That means more vigor and vitality in the furrow.”

MICROBILIZE is the second Microbe Technology Delivery System announced by Meristem. It covers a liquid formulation technology to “enhance microbe health, increases vigor and speeds reproduction at the target.”

“With MICROBILIZE, the surfactant package penetrates the cuticle for faster breakdown of the residue,” said Gednalske. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in microbe survivability and productivity.”

Both delivery systems are expected to help grower customers as biologicals become more popular.

“We serve farmers best when we can bring them innovation that helps them produce more output for every unit of input,” said Rob McClelland, Meristem president and CMO, in the release. “But we must make it convenient for them at field-level. And that’s what these new delivery systems are about, safeguarding the product and making it easier for farmers to improve crop health, yields and ROI. We’re excited for the opportunity this brings our dealer-partners to be market leaders.”