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India Exploring Gene Drive Technologies to Mitigate Disease

Currently, malaria is on a decline in India due to conventional methods. There is always the possibility that cases will surge, which is why the Indian government is considering new methods to mitigate the disease, like gene drive technologies according to a release.

The Takshashila Institution published a report regarding the ability of gene drives to potentially eradicate vector-borne diseases, especially malaria in India. India currently does not use gene drives to control diseases since conventical practices are working to control malaria cases. However the option is being considered by the government due to the risk of resurgence.

The Indian government is also taking into consideration the possibility of gene drive organism from other countries reaching India. For example, Africa has a problem with mosquito-borne diseases and the government there is considering implementing gene-drive mosquitoes. The possibility of these mosquitos reaching India is a likely reality and currently Indian regulation do not include cross-border flow of gene-drive organisms. The capability to research this and the data around it are limited which prevent full evaluation of the risk.

To help control disease using gene drive technologies, it is recommended the Indian government invests in research which will help with data evaluation and regulations within the country.

More information: Takshashila Institution.