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Precision Planting Offers New Seeding Technology

A new insecticide control system by Precision Planting enables farmers to simplify their planter and achieve more precise control of insecticide on every portion of their fields.
“Farmers applying insecticide today calibrate their meter for a single speed. As operators speed up, slow down or plant around curves, the intended application rate is impossible to maintain,” explains Luke Stuber, vDrive Insecticide engineer. “And, as high speed planting is now a reality with SpeedTube, the insecticide system needs to keep pace.
“Drive Insecticide provides flexibility for farmers to micromanage their inputs with row-by-row control, and with a newly designed metering system, allows growers to optimize an application technology that has not had significant improvements in years,” says Stuber. “As farmers work to closely manage their inputs and optimize yields, vDrive Insecticide helps them more precisely manage insecticide applications in a continued effort to promote sustainable agriculture practices.
Drive Insecticide will be field tested on a limited number of make/model combinations as a beta product for the Spring of 2015.