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Bratney Companies Partners with Concetti Group

Bratney Companies, a leading innovator in the seed, grain, feed and food markets, has added the Concetti Group of packaging systems to its extensive line of products and services. Concetti Group offers a wide range of solutions to a variety of packaging applications and features state-of-the-art technology to ensure the greatest accuracies, speeds and reliability, the company says.
“The addition of the Concetti line to our product offering is another milestone in history for us,” said Peter Bratney, Chief Executive Officer of Bratney Companies, based in Iowa.
“We are continually looking to add advanced technologies to our product offering, and the Concetti line is world-class in that regard. This addition allows us to broaden our offering and bring significant advantages to the markets we serve. We are thrilled to continue the tradition we have established over the last 50 years of providing innovative solutions for our customers.”
Concetti packaging systems range from single components like bagging scales and palletizers, to fully integrated lines that encompass everything from start to finish in a line. The interface between equipment remains consistent and the integration of controls, components and operation offer end users maximum efficiencies and accuracies, Concetti says.