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Applewood Seed Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Colorado’s Applewood Seed Company celebrates 50 years this week as a commercial and wholesale supplier of wildflower, garden flower, native grass and herb seed. Applewood carries high-quality, open-pollinated seeds, and offers single species as well as seed mixtures for an assortment of geographic regions and special applications.
Since 1965, is has been providing quality seed to many different types of markets and industries, and its customers include seed distributors, landscapers, golf courses, state highway departments, parks departments, government agencies, garden centers, mining companies, hydroseeders, and reclamation companies.
The company also offers a line of pollinator seed mixes for bees and other pollinators.
“The past 50 years have been an exciting journey for us, and we’re excited about where we as a company — and the seed industry in general — are headed,” says general manager Norm Poppe. “Over the years we have introduced a number of initiatives — like aiding in pollinator conservation — in an effort to be good stewards of the environment and good representatives of our industry. We look forward to continuing in these efforts while striving to serve our customers.”
Applewood Seed Company was founded by Gene Milstein in 1965 in Golden, Colorado. The facility includes office and warehouse space, field trials and a seed testing laboratory. A comprehensive research program was developed in the 1970s to explore all aspects of growing wildflowers including adaptability, planting rates, site preparation, weed control, developing balanced seed mixtures, moisture requirements and long-term maintenance.