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Schlessman Seed Company Marks 100 Years

Close up background of dried maize kernels, Zea mays everta, used for popping to produce popcorn. Photo courtesy

Ohio’s Schlessman Seed Company celebrates 100 years in business today.

The origin of Schlessman Seed Company began in 1915 when John Schlessman started to grow seed for local farmers. Eventually, his four sons joined him. In 1957 John incorporated the business as J. Schlessman & Sons, Inc. The business grew to the point where entire railroad box cars were being loaded with Schlessman’s seed for distribution around the country.

In 1969 the name of the company was changed from J. Schlessman & Sons, Inc. to Schlessman Seed Company. It is an Ohio corporation but still a family-owned business. Schlessman’s is located in north central Ohio, and produces popcorn seed for commercial processors all over the world as well as hybrid seed corn, sweet corn, soybeans, oats and wheat seed.

“As we look back on 100 years of business, we realize that without your continued support we wouldn’t be here today. We would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your partnership along the way. You have helped make Schlessman Seed Company a third generation, family owned, century old company,” Schlessman Seed Company says in its recent newsletter.
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