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AgriGold Adds Soybeans to Product Portfolio

Illinois-based AgriGold adds soybeans to its product portfolio for the 2016-17 sales campaign. The soybean addition positions AgriGold for strategic expansion as a national seed brand across areas where corn may not be a grower’s first crop choice.
AgriGold plans a limited customer and product offer for 2017 with a more extensive offer in 2018. AgriGold customers will have access to premium soybeans direct to their farm. “AgriGold has been a leading corn brand for many years,” said Mark Herrmann, president & CEO of AgReliant Genetics.
“The brand’s culture is based on relationships and consistent, competitive product performance. We believe the ability for AgriGold to offer a soybean portfolio will improve the customer experience and value.”
“AgriGold customers have been asking for a complementary soybean offering to go along with our outstanding corn line-up,” said John Kermicle, AgriGold brand manager. “Now, our corn specialists can have a more robust conversation with growers who expect the very best on every acre. We think the time is right to add soybeans with the tremendous progress that has been made with soybean genetics, traits and treatments. Our growers want the best and we intend to offer the best soybean package in the industry.”
AgriGold has developed, produced and sold hybrid seed corn since 1936, bringing corn growers genetics from one of the largest breeding and research programs in the United States.