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Technology Could Revitalize Old Seed

A Vital Force Technology study found that seed germination and plant development can be significantly improved using infusion technology.
According to a news release from Vital Force Technology, the infusion process can reverse lost vitality and declining germination rates often associated with old seeds.
A nine-day study in the Pinelandiea Biophysics Lab by W.C Levengood tested the benefits of infusion technology using seven-year-old wheat seed. The study concluded that seed vitality can can increase by as much as 83 percent, while development of the seeds can increase by as much as 77 percent. Vital Force Technology reports that these numbers offer positive potential for plant health and longevity, which can benefit a variety of growers within the agricultural markets.
Additional studies conducted in the same lab using pinto bean seedlings and energy infused watering showed strong increases in plant height and seed development as well with 75 percent of seedlings growing to 30 cm in just seven days.
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