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Next-Gen Breeding Software Announced

Phenome Networks, a software-as-a-service plant breeding management and analytics software provider, announces its next-generation Phenome One software, to be released May 31.
The new version of Phenome One features a novel user interface supporting a simple and intuitive breeding workflow based on years of experience with plant breeders; faster performance; the ability to customize field design, and more.
The new version of Phenome One, Phenome One 2.0, is seamlessly integrated with Phenome’s genomics module Unity, enabling managing and analyzing both phenotypic and genotypic data, as well as conducting QTL and GWAS analyses.
Phenome One’s Breeding Process Management software supports all stages of the breeding process, including germplasm development and pedigrees, designing of breeding fields, manage selections, crosses and observations. Using the system, breeders are able to load their current and historical data, establish and design new breeding trials and fields, collect data from the field to the system using an Android mobile application, and analyze it statistically. Phenome One also scans the data and provides new insights and findings on the data.