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Uruguay to Host the ISF 2016 World Seed Congress

While in Poland for the International Seed Federation’s 2015 World Seed Congress, Pablo Civetta, chair of the National Organizing Committee for the Uruguayan seed association, announced that the 2016 congress will be held in Punta del Este, Uruguay, from May 15-18.
The theme of the 2016 World Seed Congress will be “The Natural Way Forward in Business & Life.” Civetta explained that the geography of Uruguay makes it well-suited to agriculture. Known for its agribusiness, about 90 percent of the land is used for the production of grains, beef, milk, wool, wood and citrus. As such, agriculture represents more than 8 percent of Uruguay’s gross domestic product and 75 percent of its total exports.
In addition to the International Seed Federation, the 2016 congress will be co-hosted by the Uruguayan Seed Chamber (Camara Uruguaya de Semillas or CUS) and the ­­­Uruguayan Breeder’s Association (Asociación Civil Uruguaya para la Protección de los Obtentores Vegetales or URUPOV).
Interested individuals are encouraged to mark their calendars; however, registration doesn’t open until Jan. 5. For a general schedule of events, visit