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Bayer CropScience, Texas Tech University Open Seeds Innovation Center

Bayer CropScience and Texas Tech University open the Bayer CropScience Lubbock Seeds Innovation Center.
The center, located at 3316 Ninth St. on the north side of Marsha Sharp Freeway just south of the International Cultural Center, will host Bayer CropScience’s global cotton business operations as well as laboratories and research facilities, including a 50,000-square-foot greenhouse.
The $16 million, 100,000-square-foot complex is designed to boost seed research and innovation not only for cotton, but for Bayer’s soybean and canola research as well. In addition to the laboratory and research space, the facility will include 50,000 square feet of office space that can support approximately 100 employees.
At capacity, the greenhouse can hold 7,500 full-size soybean plants or 30,000 mid-size cotton plants with precautions taken to minimize cross-contamination of plant pollen or processing errors. The greenhouse also will feature its own irrigation system.
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