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World Agri-Tech South America Summit Starts Today

The Summit welcomes over 700 local and international agri-food businesses, government agencies and start ups.

The fifth World Agri-Tech South America Summit begins today, June 18, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Summit focuses on innovation across the entire agricultural supply chain, showcasing how investments, new technologies and partnerships are improving resilience for one of the most important food production regions. You can read more about this year’s World Agri-Tech South America here.

The Summit will cover multiple key points of focus in the industry, with topics ranging from extreme weather conditions and finding sustainable solutions, to gene editing and advanced breeding techniques, to enhancing revenues and embracing financial risks. Some of the key topics of this year’s Summit include:

  • Climate-smart agriculture: innovating for extreme weather conditions and water scarcity
  • Scaling biologicals: nurturing sustainable solutions by aligning with nature
  • Digital farming platforms: enhancing efficiency to boost revenues for farms of all sizes
  • Biotechnology: harnessing gene editing and advanced breeding to tackle pests and disease
  • Farm to consumer traceability: implementing advanced tracking tools for export monitoring
  • Agri-fintech: empowering farmers to embrace financial risk and adopt sustainable practices
  • Interoperability: developing seamless solutions that integrate into existing farm operations
  • Start-up investment: capitalizing on a vibrant, diverse ecosystem with new financing models

The Summit will host major organizations in agri-food production, finance and investment, software and tech, government agencies, biotech, media and start-ups.

World Agritech South America is one of four World Agri-Tech Summits hosted around the world each year. In addition to World Agri-Tech South America, there is World Agri-Tech San Francisco, held March 19 – 20 2024; World Agri-Tech London will be Sep. 30 – October 1, 2024; and World Agri-Tech Dubai will be Dec. 9 – 10, 2024. 

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