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Syngenta Unveils Blackleg-Resistant Canola Hybrid SY4166

Syngenta Canada adds SY4166 to its growing canola seed portfolio._x000D_
SY4166 is a new, broadly adapted Genuity Roundup Ready hybrid canola variety, best suited for the mid-to-long season growing zones in Western Canada. The variety includes a agronomic package, including multi-genic blackleg resistance. SY4166 also has excellent standability, which will deliver time savings at swathing and harvest._x000D_
“We’re bringing another elite hybrid into our canola seed lineup that will provide growers with high yield potential,” says Shaun Vey, seed product lead, canola and cereals, with Syngenta Canada._x000D_
Vey adds that SY4166 fits well within the Syngenta canola portfolio from a maturity standpoint, adding depth and diversity to its current canola seed offer. In a series of 2014 small plot trials, SY4166 reached full maturity, on average, 1.5 days later than SY4135, and 1 to 1.5 days earlier than SY4157._x000D_
SY4166 will be available for sale starting in fall 2015 for 2016 seeding. Growers will be able to order SY4166 in a 22.7 kg paper bag or a 454 kg mini-bulk bag treated with Helix Vibrance seed treatment. They will also have the option of getting their seed treated with Fortenza seed treatment and JumpStart, a phosphate inoculant that helps deliver healthier crops and higher yields by making phosphate more available to plant roots.