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Maizex Seeds Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Dave Baute

Maizex Seeds, an independent family-owned seed corn and soybean company based in Ontario, celebrates 30 years in business._x000D_
Maizex Seeds Inc. was incorporated in 1985, initially producing commercial seed corn for export to the United States market as well as specialty corns for domestic food processors. In 1997, it began commercial sale of the seed corn it produced under its own Maizex brand. Currently, Maizex Seeds markets corn through its distribution network, which has a presence throughout all corn growing regions of Canada._x000D_
Maizex Seeds is the largest Canadian-owned seed corn company and the fourth-largest seed corn company in Canada. Maizex’s founders, Dave and Brenda Baute received the Chatham and District Chamber of Commerce Award for Agricultural Innovators in 2005._x000D_
Dave Baute also serves as president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) and was featured in Germination magazine in March. The story can be found here: