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Blackleg Risk Mitigation for Canola, A Germination Strategy Session Webinar & Podcast

Learn about:_x000D_
• Why the prevalence of blackleg is gaining increased attention in Western Canada_x000D_
• What research is revealing about the disease_x000D_
• How agronomists and others can help growers to mitigate the risk posed by blackleg in canola_x000D_
Gary Peng_x000D_
Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon_x000D_
Gary’s areas of expertise include blackleg and clubroot diseases of canola, plant pathology and integrated disease management, host-pathogen interactions and mechanisms of host resistance. His current projects include monitoring and analysis of Leptosphaeria maculans race dynamics in Western Canada for effective blackleg resistance management and mitigating blackleg disease of canola using fungicide strategies._x000D_
Justine Cornelsen_x000D_
Agronomy Specialist, Canola Council of Canada, Western Manitoba_x000D_
Justine is based in her hometown of Onanole, Manitoba, and specializes in blackleg disease management and takes special interest in beneficial and pest insects and sustainable agriculture. In the past she has worked as a summer student with the Canola Council and at AAFC Brandon in the barley breeding program. She utilizes science and innovation to promulgate the current best management and sustainable practices to growers and industry partners.