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National Wheat Research Priorities Creates Targets for the Next Five Years

Cereals Canada has partnered with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to launch the 2023-2028 National Wheat Research Priorities. The document offers a clear vision and targets to guide Canadian wheat research over the next five years, according to a release.

The latest edition was created with more than 70 researchers, industry professionals and value chain members that contributed to six themes.

“This initiative brings together the value chain and research institutions to share knowledge, build networks and create synergies,” said Krista Zuzak, Cereals Canada director of crop protection and production and co-chair of the project. “We saw more than 75 research projects completed under the last set of priorities, which was released in 2020.”

The National Wheat Research Priorities has acted as a resource to communicate and connect market signals with industry opportunities and research goals, while still acknowledging the significance of regional differences since the inaugural report in 2016. Separated by working groups, they identify key targets, outcomes and commitments for the industry. This year marks the creation of a sixth working group that focuses on wheat nutrition.

“The addition of nutrition research in the priorities report really showcases the vision and leadership of the working groups,” continued Zuzak. “Having wheat nutrition included puts a focus on the importance of wheat — the original plant-based protein — in one’s diet.”

Over 70 countries rely on Canada’s wheat exports, as it contributes more than CAD$9 billion to Canada’s economy, making the crop crucial for domestic farmers and the global food supply. 

“Wheat is nutritious, sustainable and a staple in diets around the world,” says Dean Dias, chief executive officer at Cereals Canada. “Continued investments in wheat research by the value chain helps to increase farm gate profitability, competitiveness and global and domestic food supplies.”

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