b"In addition, it was no secret that the sustainable use directive was not implemented everywhere in Europe, and that some work needed to be done on that. So, we welcomed the idea to revise the SUD and to finally have a regulation, which is much stronger. We really hope that this new regulation will see the light as soon as pos-sible. Because the clock is ticking, and climate change doesn't wait. Food security and sustainability go hand in hand. If we want to ensure world food security in the medium term, we need to imple-ment the regulation as soon as possible. JL: More specifically, regarding biological control, we welcome the EU definition, that includes the four types of biocontrol which are identical to nature. We consider it important to include all natu-ral substances of biological origin to ensure that more than plant extracts are available to farmers to control pests and diseases. In addition, we also support more training for advisors to help the farmers in their transition and support for the farmers themselves.We also need to have a fast-track approval procedure for bio-logical control products, because at the moment, it takes between seven and 10 years to register a biological control solution. AndLacewings are voracious predators, attacking most insects of suitable size, especially soft-bodied ones (aphids, caterpillars) and other insect larvae or that is too long, not only for the manufacturers, but also to reachinsect eggs.the 2030 goals of the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy. Furthermore, this long process is longer than any other country in the world, creating a poor return on investment for innovativebe granted after an acceptable member state safety evaluation. This companies, making the EU market less attractive than competitorwould allow farmers access to the biological alternatives to chemical nations such as the U.S. One simple solution is to reinstate provi- pesticides, while the remainder of the EU process, that verifies the sional authorization for biocontrol. A provisional approval couldinitial safety evaluation, is undertaken.12IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM"