b'OLEKSANDRA HORODETSKA,SONIA MARIN, TRIAL OFFICER ATLAURIANNE NICOLO, JUNIOR SUNFLOWER BREEDER ATSAKATA SEED IBRICA, SPAINADMINISTRATIVE AND LEGAL RAGT SEMENCES, UKRAINESonia was born in 1994 and started workingASSISTANT AT UPOV, SWITZERLANDSeed is the beginning of life not onlyat Sakata in November 2017. She grew up inLaurianne has always been passionate for plants but for all living creatures ona family linked to agriculture and livestockabout the United Nations Sustainable Earth. That is why this sector attractsand has made her way as the person inDevelopment Goals (SDGs). Working at her. She worked very hard for herself tocharge of Trials at Sakata in Murcia, Spain.UPOV as an administrative and legal assis-have the profession that she would love.She is an agricultural technical engineertant, she has realized how the seed sector Oleksandra has completed three intern- and within an environment in which theyplays a vital role in meeting the SDGs. ships in France for 2-3 months, learnedare not used to dealing with young women.Her work has meant that her passion has French, English and studied in FranceShe has been able to gain a foothold andspread to the seed sector and, particularly, during a 2-year apprenticeship at RAGTgenerate the necessary confidence both tothe role of plant variety protection (PVP) in 2n to be a sunflower breeder. The plantthe farmers and to her own colleagues forrealizing the vision of the 2030 Agenda for breeding sector is the way to create some- more than five years, taking responsibilitySustainable Development.thing better than what exists so far, shefor the trials in the area, especially in the says. This profession gives the possibilitycultivation of brassicas but also SolanaceaeLaurianne combines her passion with a to use all skills and develop yourself allor cucurbits when necessary. Her work,great work ethic and team spirit. She is a the time. The world and climate changeeffort and social skills can inspire otherconstant source of inspiration for others puts new challenges for the whole teamwomen to delve into tasks more related towith her positive attitude, ability to adapt to of a seed company. The process ofthe countryside and its farmers. new circumstances and enthusiasm to grow response and to reach the goals, makesand take on new tasks. In her relatively the achievements into a new pricelessshort time at UPOV, Laurianne has worked experience which is perfect for ambitiouson important global events, such as the people, she adds. To inspire others, Iseminar on the role of plant breeding and would say to everybody that if you wantPVP in enabling agriculture to mitigate and something, do all your best to achieve it! adapt to climate change.VACLAV PRASIL, MANAGER FOR SEED PRODUCTION AND SEED QUALITY AT SEMO A.S., CZECHIAVaclav studied plant production at MendelNow, he works at the company as manager for University in Brno, Faculty of Agrisciences, whereseed production and seed quality. He already he graduated in 2018. With his master thesis on theregularly participates in ESA and ISF congresses. Verification of the effect of the use of biostimulantsIn February 2019, he attended the seed production and mycoparasitic fungi in seed encrustation. Heworkshop at UC Davis. He helped introduce and achieved the Rectors award. Results of his thesisoptimise the chlorophyll measuring technology by have been particularly used for the optimization ofCF-mobile in the company and using this technology treating technology at SEMO a.s. in the seed business (optimal harvest time and stor-age managementchoosing the best seed lots).Still as a student, he joined the research pro-ject of SEMO a.s. Protection of plant seedsHe is often responsible for leadership of student against diseases and pathogens by atmosphericpractices at the company. With his passion for seed plasma DCSBD (Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barriertechnologies and seed production of vegetables, he Discharge). is possible to grab the attention of a wide range of listeners, not only students, for this industry.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 19'