b'AG-TECH TRANSFER FLOW IN ETHIOPIA OUTPUT & SOCIAL ROI - 75,000 FARMERSWithin 5 years of Training: EXTERNAL PROJECT EVALUATIONWithin 5 years150 trainers trained X3.1 26%More Yield per 0.1 Ha Increase in Households annual 91% income2,360 Lead farmersSold most of X20trained in 65 villages their produce Increase inSales of seedlings7.7M by local plant raisersPeople with75,000 vegs supplyNeighbour farmers reached due to diffusion485,000People improvedtheir livelihoodShoshan HaranLEAD FARMERS YIELD INCREASECrop Yield - Kg/1,000 m23,500 3,2153,000 X5.72,500 2,469 X4 2,364 X2.52,0001,5001,000 915Tomato Pepper Onion559 6225000Trained Farmers Yield (Kg/1,000m2) Baseline yield (FAO 2015-2019)N = 1600 Farmers dataEUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 25'