b'LumiposaINSECTICIDE SEED TREATMENTVisiblyLumiposa is a systemic seed treatment insecticide that has been developed to protect young oilseed rape seedlings from a broad range of pests. Plants are rapidly stronger. protected from insect feeding damage allowing them to grow more vigorously for a better crop establishment.Protects against key early-season insect pestsDelivers excellent seedling protectionVisibly superior plant establishment and vigorOffers a favorable environmental profile and pollinator safetyVisit us at sat.corteva.com, TM, SM Trademarks and service marks of DuPont, Dow AgroSciences or Pioneer, and their affiliated companies or their respective owners.2020 Corteva.Anuncio LUMIPOSA (A4).indd 1 29/1/20 13:03'