b'Cimbria Boosts Seed Production for Customer in HungaryC imbria and local dealer CHH Technology haveCimbrias reputation for producing reliable machinery is why installed a state-of-the-art seed production plant forIstvn chose to only have Cimbrias seed production technol-its Hungarian customer Pongrcz Istvn. The new facil- ogy in his facility. It has provided a complete processing and ity aims to reduce his business costs, increase profit, andcleaning cycle thats almost fully automated, boosting intake create higher value products. capacity to an impressive 3-4 tons per hour. Istvn is a veteran seed and livestock farmer with over 20The products first transfer from an inlet hopper to a screen years of farming experience under his belt. Now growingcleaner with a bucket elevator, followed by an indented cyl-and producing larger quantities of canola, sunflower, alfalfa,inder separator. Once complete, they go to a specific gravity and various small seed products, Istvn knew maintainingseparator and an optical sorting machine, then seed surface operational and financial growth required investments inare treated with a preservative slurry. This process produces production capabilities. He called on Cimbria to build asafe, clean, and high-quality seed products. brand-new seed cleaning and processing facility and install an advanced production line. Istvns new seed cleaning and processing plant showcases Cimbrias ongoing support for food, seed, and grain busi-I have known Cimbria equipment for decades, explainsnesses across Europe, promoting quality and reliability at Istvn. Several machines have been fully operational in otherevery level of production. processing plants for years and consistently produce the right quality. Since we started working with our new Cimbria builtLearn more at Cimbria.complant, the quality is unbelievable. The production line is com-prehensive and indeed 21st-century technology.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 3'