b'INSIDERSCONTENT MARKETINGWhat Should you Expect from your Website in 2023?LAURA BURTNYKProject ManagerCREATEYour website is the most essential part ofshows you understand your customeryou dont know where your leads are your online presence. It is your companysand their needs can go a long way tocoming from, what they are looking book cover, and no matter how much youbuilding trust. for, or how long they stayed, how can stress about it, people always judge a book2) A powerful website should drive traf- you tell what content or marketing ini- by its cover. The same goes for your website:fic to your keywords and content. Atiatives are moving the needle? first impressions are always the ones thatsite with optimized SEO and landing5) Never be finished. It doesnt matter ifmatter.pages will have the ability to generateyour site is two weeks old or two years A strong website will act as the back- more traffic from search engines andold. A website should never be thought bone of your digital presence. If its not stel- social media, which will give you moreof as finished. A website should be lar, all other digital initiatives (social media,page views. considered a living thing that you podcasts, videos, email campaigns, etc.)3) Position you as an expert. Peopleneed to keep updating with contenthave nowhere to drive potential customerssearching for your product or serviceand undergo regular wellness checks to. So what should you expect from yourare looking for answers, and yourto ensure it is operating to serve your website in 2023? Are you setting yourselfwebsite should be providing them.marketing goals.up for success? This is what your websiteYour content, whether its videos orSo,isyourwebsitedelivering? should be doing for your business to grow:text, should showcase your expertiseCarefully weigh your goals and your needs. 1) as well as provide clear specificationsIf a poor online experience is holding your User-centric. If your site is designed with your user in mind, it will makeabout your products and services.business back, it might be time to write ait easier to attract new and returning4) Deliver insights. Having analytics setnew chapter and take your website to the visitors, and help convert those visitorsup on your site can help you unlocknext level.into leads. A user-friendly site thatsome very powerful information. If TURF AND FORAGEIn Prep for a Pesticide BanANNE METTE D. JENSENProduct Development Manager, Turf GrassDLFAll too soon Europes many turf sportson turf areas by systematic future-proof- strong juvenile growth during the estab-areas may face serious challenges in keep- ing maintenance or combat them withoutlishment or repair phase. Winter can be ing up standards. While maintenance costsany pesticide use. That means much moretough on turf areas used for sports all year will continue to rise, expectations (andahead-planning to avoid problems, beforeround and in early spring bare spots will acceptance) of lower quality will have to bethey develop into disasters, which areinvite weeds to establish. Winter hardy turf conveyed to users and players. The reason isimpractical to solve.varieties and the ability to germinate at low that the European Parliament pushes for aBreeding companies have a great tasktemperatures is another important feature more ambitious pesticides reduction target.in the coming battle to provide grassesto keep weeds away.The content of the proposal is the completewith a high degree of disease resistance toA check on the official recommended ban of pesticides in sensitive areas, whichseveral fungal diseases, such as snow moldlists shows that 4turf tetraploid perennial should include several types of public areasand some of the new diseases coming inryegrasses are unique when it comes to including professional sports turf areas. with hot and humid summers, for exam- disease resistance and winter hardiness. The turf sector does not have enoughple brown patch, as well as grasses that canFurthermore, 4turf are gaining ground in effective non-chemical solutions at hand tooutcompete weed to avoid the use of pesti- top professional sports facilities due to their meet the challenges posed by such a ban.cides. It is not going to be a quick fix. Turffast and strong establishment.This is a big and outspoken concern amongmanagers need to be prepared for years ofChoosing the right grass species/vari-turf managers because they are judged ona constant reseeding program with robusteties is part of the solution if a ban on pes-the quality they deliver through their man- grasses to reduce the disease pressure andticide use is implemented in Europe. But it agement. the amount of weed. must be combined with a targeted strategic Should a complete EU pesticide banThe ability to reduce weed invasion ismaintenance program to avoid diseases and come into effect, turf managers would havealso important and is achievable by choos- the introduction of weeds. to avoid fungal diseases and weed invasioning grasses with a fast germination and 30IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'