b'have not achieved the development goals we set to meet the needsimpacted in de-occupied regions. With safety as one of their core of growers in Canada and the United States, said Brent Collins,values, FMCs donation of 3% of 2023 sales revenue will assist with BASFs head of seeds & traits, Canada, in an email to Europeandemining efforts in impacted regions of the Ukraine. Through FMC Seeds sister publication, Germination. product purchases, Ukrainian farmers in freed territories as well as the reconstruction of the Ukraine will be supported.From the early start of the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) outbreak, BASF has actively sought and offered solu- The James Hutton Institute has announced that over 1.75 million tions to growers in battling this virus. Besides of providing seedhas been invested in high tech lab equipment to modernize their varieties since 2020, 25 new launchings resistant to ToBRFV areresearch capabilities, specifically in food, plant and soil health being tested to become commercial in 2023 which will cover grow- and quality. This is the largest investment Scotland has seen in ers and market needs even better, according to a release. a combined ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometer. The latest hi-spec lab equip-ment is located at the independent research institutes Invergowrie Agmatix, an AgTech company that turns agronomic data intocampus, near Dundee. The new equipment will expand their sci-models and insights to share with farms, announced a partner- entists capabilities when preforming plant and organic compound ship with NASA Harvest according to a release. NASA Harvestanalysis and will take less time and manual labour.is NASAs global Food Security and Agriculture Consortium and supports sustainable crop production at the field level and reduces the impact of climate change. Ground sampling and remote sensingResistance of the Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus (WYMV) has been data will be used to help farmers transition to more sustainable agri- discovered by a University of Melbourne team of scientists in a culture. The partnership will also follow farmers efforts to improvegenome sequence of a gene in wheat. This helps provide infor-their conservation management while guiding them to improvemation to manage more resistant crops and to maintain the food sustainably levels. supply. There is demand for WYMV resistant wheat varieties across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa due to struggles with the disease. Yield is reduced by up to 80% when crops are impacted by FMC announced they will be supporting Ukrainian farmers byWYMV which causes a large economic loss. PNAS published a donated 3% of sales revenue through Cultivating Freedom program.study showing the resistant gene comes from a wild plant relative The program will support agricultural business that have beenof wheat from the ancient Mediterranean. Register now for edition 2023! Seed meets Technology is an event about innovative (seed) technology, varieties breeding and adding value to horticultural seed. Vertify organizes the ninth edition of the event in September 2023. Besides a trade fair, there are demonstration fields with new varieties. In addition, various lectures and symposiums are being organized. Interested in participation? Contact us now!26/27/28 September 2023Zwaagdijk - The Netherlandswww.seedmeetstechnology.com info@seedmeetstechnology.com44IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'