b'INDUSTRY NEWSTAILORED TO SEED PROFESSIONALS, INDUSTRY NEWS DELIVERS THE PEOPLE, RESEARCH, BUSINESS AND PRODUCT NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW. SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME. EMAIL US AT NEWS@SEEDWORLDGROUP.COM.Rijk Zwaan has begun construction of their new seed treatmentCorporation as the receiver. At the time of closing, the FDIC and storage facility in De Lier, Netherlands. The company is look- immediately transferred to the National Bank of Santa Clara all ing to continue expanding their vegetable breeding, and the newinsured deposits of Silicon Valley Bank. The bank had 17 branches facility is expected to be operational by spring 2025. Seed extrac- in California and Massachusetts, as well as branches located in tion, seed treatments and seed storage will all be performed at theCanada, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Sweden and new facility. The building will also have offices and meeting areasthe UK. for employees and visitors. Rijk Zwaan settled a long term litigation with an Italian seed Syngenta Crop Protection partnered with Aphea.Bio to create acompany before the Court of Modena, Italy according to a release. new biostimulant seed treatment technology to European mar- The Italian seed company was accused of reproducing and market-kets. Wheat farmers can reduce fertilizer use and see an increase ining Rijk Zwaan seeds, but an agreement was reached on all civil wheat yields with new biostimulant seed treatment. The collabora- aspects of the case. The seeds, which are protected under plant tion between Syngenta and Aphea.Bio will allow multiple countriesbreeders rights, were lettuce varieties. The 1991 Act of the UPOV across Europe to have access to a new seed technology over the nextConvention covers plant breeders rights and protects all plant vari-five years if approved.eties of all genera and species. This allows plant breeding companies to ensure that there is a return on investment. It also helps plant The UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairsdevelopment and makes sure there are improved plant varieties. on 26 Januaryset out detailed plans for the nations farming sector, supporting farmers to be profitable and resilient as theyIn line with the Ethiopia-Netherlands Seed Partnership, the produce food sustainably while protecting nature and enhancing theSolynta and PepsiCos Ethiopia-based foods unit, Senselet Food environment. The accelerated roll out of the Sustainable FarmingProcessing PLC, launched a project to introduce hybrid true Incentivea key part of the Governments Environmental Landpotato seeds to Ethiopia. The hope is that the two parties will Management schemeswill provide farmers with a diverse rangeenrich and expand the countrys growing potato sector with the of paid actions to manage hedgerows for wildlife, plant nectar-richintroduction of advanced potato genetics from Solynta.wildflowers and manage crop pests without the use of insecticides. Danish brewer Carlsberg Group has set its sights on regenerative The Community Plant Variety Office and the University of Udinefarming. Three of the companys brands in the UK, France and have officially joined forces to offer training for intellectual prop- Finland are part of the journey towards 100% regenerative agri-erty protection professionals in plant variety development. Thecultural practices by 2040. The commitments from these brands partnership went into effect with the signing of an agreement byare a part of Carlsbergs ZERO Farming Footprint ambition and Francesco Mattina, CPVO president, and Roberto Pinton, thetheir other recently launched programme, Together Towards Zero University of Udine rector. The new agreement will allow theand Beyond. The commitment aims to source 30% of all agricultural organization of training and research activities, including mas- raw materials from regenerative practices and sustainable sources ters, training courses, educational initiatives and learning paths forglobally by 2030, reaching 100% by 2040. students and professionals.KWS Vegetables is continuing to develop its research capabilities The Royal Barenbrug Group announced the acquisition of Watsonand has put new lab facilities into operation at its headquarters Group, an independent seed specialist agricultural seed wholesaler.in Wageningen. The new area was officially inaugurated on 9 The acquisition will allow Barenbrug to strengthen their UK busi- February. The focus of the new research facilities is on the produc-ness and allow Watson Group to consolidate their growth. Thistion of double haploid lines for pepper and cucumber, which will acquisition will allow Barenbrug to continue expanding in thesignificantly improve speed and efficiency in the breeding processes. UKs grass-seed market. Watson Group will now have access to Barenbrugs grass-seed knowledge, genetics and material, and tech-nical support through the acquisition.BASF has decided to cease its activities in hybrid wheat seed development in North America and continue in Europe, the company announced. Over the past years, weve uncovered many On 10 March, Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, Cali., waslearnings and have made significant progress with hybrid wheat closed by the California Department of Financial Protectionbreeding and seed production research. Despite the tremendous and Innovation, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insuranceefforts of our expert teams, the results of our North American trials 42IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'